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May 21, 2023

Dan and Lisa welcome Brother Bryan, a Christian who was previously involved with the Four Square church and now associates with the Church of the Nazarene. 

Bryan and Dan have had several fruitful discussions around Faith, Atheism, Christian denominations, biblical literalism, similarities and contrasts in their respective religious experiences, and have have found friendship and comradery in them. So, we gave him an open invite to have one of those discussions on the show. We also welcome our mutual friend Brother Armando, a former Christian who told his story on the previous episode ‘Confessions of a Former Shi**y Youth Pastor’. 

We appreciate Bryan’s willingness to express his faith, his vulnerability in sharing his personal experience, and his willingness to recognize the shortcomings in religious organizations and inappropriate applications of personal beliefs. We hope anyone who cares to comment on our discussion will show the same courtesy and respect we show each other.

‘Instead of coming from the gratitude and the place of - God loves me, and taking that love and sharing that with other people, they beat them over the head with a Bible and say - God hates you! It’s terrible irony. And that breaks my heart more than anything’  



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