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Oct 19, 2019

Welcome to Siblings in Zion! In this inaugural episode, Brother Dan & Sister Lisa introduce themselves and their intentions for this podcast. They were both born & raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, ten years apart. Within the last year, both have found themselves officially resigned as members of record, and now officially apostates!


*Let us be clear: we are not 'anti-Mormon' and we do not accept this designation. We are opposed to bad ideas and the behaviors they facilitate.


Lisa is a returned missionary, and was much more devout than Dan ever was. After Dan avoided the topic of Mormonism for years on his educational entertainment podcast The Fundamentals (now known as Everywhere You Go is Bullsh*t), he finally decided to dive in and learned all about what he was really supposed to believe, just how much he did not know, and started asking Lisa about the major issues from a believer's perspective.


In this episode we talk about experiences of Mormon gossip, racism, superiority complexes, and the male childhood anxiety of knowing the pressure of serving a mission is building. They also spontaneously break out in hymns.








The Fundamentals (now Everywhere You Go is Bullsh*t):