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Oct 27, 2019

In June of 2019, Dan & Lisa met in Japan after being apart for about 10 months. Lisa had taken the opportunity to work as a teacher in China after her shelf began to break in order to contemplate the act of removing herself from the church. Before she came back, she wanted to spend time with the only person she knew who truly understood the struggle and they arranged to spend time in Japan before she returned home.


They recap their experience in Tokyo, Kyoto & Fukuoka; and express their love for the culture, food, temples, vending machines, metro system, musical toilets, Highballs, and the unusual quiet. Also, they walked their asses off.


Following that, they present a candid conversation recorded on the last night in Japan, just after deciding to produce this podcast. They discuss eternal progression, testimonies, faith before reason, seer stones (magic rocks), and burning garments (Mormon underwear).