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Jan 22, 2023

For those who have already read or are quite familiar with the 'King Follett Discourse', this episode of our reading and commentary is abridged to contain less of the text read aloud. You can find the complete version previously published ... 


In this episode the siblings read and comment on 'The King Follett Discourse', its theological significance, and its influence on Mormonism.

In April of 1844, Joseph Smith spoke to a crowd of many thousands (saints and detractors alike) and delivered what would be the most directly recorded public address of his life, and the last such address he would give before his death in June.

The sermon is also one of the most consequential and controversial in regards to the unique doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as it contains the theology of man’s potential progression to Godhood, the origin of our Heavenly Father as a man and not an otherwise eternal entity, the council of Gods that planned this world and its salvation, the physical stature of those in the afterlife who died as children, and the eternal nature of matter and intelligence.

However, despite its significance and pedigree of record, it has never been canonized by the church and it seems many members are unaware of the event or the origin of these themes …

In this episode, we read the amalgamated text published by BYU Studies in its entirety and commentate throughout. 

The King Follett Sermon (BYU Studies) -

LDS Church History Topics essay -

1960s pamphlet version - B001L3RLPW



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