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Nov 17, 2019

Since the 1840s, the most common temple activity in which a Mormon person can participate is proxy baptism, or 'Baptism for the Dead'. Why do they do this? Good question. It's not as creepy as it may sound to the uninitiated, but it's still creepy.

In this episode, the siblings talk about their own experiences being baptized in the name of dead people over and over as adolescents, the significance of being baptized by their father, and feeling the 'spirit' while being dressed in white and surrounded by marble and gold.

The list of famous names who have been posthumously baptized into the LDS church may surprise you.

They also discuss the invasive questions asked of young people in 'worthiness interviews' before being allowed in the temple, examine arguments for and against the validity of such a practice from the biblical Christian and LDS perspectives, and preview the other weird activities that occur in the temple that will be covered further.