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Apr 19, 2020

With all this scariness in our current earthly existence, death might be on the brain a little more lately. But don't worry, you will live again! Also, you already lived before!


In this episode, the siblings intend to speak on the concept of resurrection and the Mormon teachings about it but end up being sidetracked into first talking about the unique take on what happened before we were born (Premortal Life) and what happens while we wait to finally get our body back (Spirit Prison and Spirit Paradise).


Along the way they touch on Adam & Eve in the garden, who were definitely real people in a real place, the Plan of Salvation and how participation in it is essentially a spiritual suicide, Judgement Day, ‘outer darkness’, and what it could possibly mean to have a ‘perfect body’.


Sister Lisa also shares an inspirational message from Tanner of Zelph on the Shelf about considering mortality after letting go of faith, and how she now views mortal life and conscious experience without religious prescription.


Join us next time for Part 2, when we’re all finally dead! YAYYYY!







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