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Dec 8, 2019

The siblings conclude their overview of the Mormon temple ceremonies with discussions on the 'prayer circle', 'sealings', and 'conversing through the veil' with 'signs and tokens' (secret handshakes). They watch and react to some of the videos of these ceremonies on YouTube and Lisa relates her own personal experiences of her many times participating in these very cult-like scenarios.

They also discuss the comparison between many of these ceremonies and those of the Masonic traditions, including the symbols on the Mormon garments (magic underwear) and some parts that have been changed such as the Five Points of Fellowship and the miming of one's own death as punishment for divulging the 'sacred, not secret' activities. They also watch the video that sent Dan on his journey to learn his way out of his church membership.

Also ... people pay 10% of their gross income to end up voluntarily going to the temple and raking the carpet ... because footprints ...

This episode is brought to you by Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum and the Hokey Pokey.